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To our beloved teachers, administrators and staff,


It is a great privilege to have taken part in such a wonderful program at ERS.


On behalf of all the members, we wish to express our utmost gratitude for your support, validation, motivation and expertise.


We have followed a difficult journey and have successfully passed the challenges that have now transformed into a noble learning experience, blessed with new-found skills and friendships made.  We have gained the courage and self-esteem to face newer challenges which go beyond textbooks and certificates.  We have learned to appreciate one another and realize the importance of embracing, and allowing ourselves to be embraced, by a supportive organization – the tools often needed to keep us strong and hopeful, remembering that one cannot always stand alone in order to be successful.  We will take all that we have learned and not let our studies fade in vain.


We – the humbled members of ERS thank you.  We will miss you and always remember you as we now unfold and step into our greatness.


With love and appreciation,

Mary-Ann – ERS Training Participant

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