Part-Time Self-Improvement and Job Integration Programs (PAAS)

Would you like to improve your life circumstances?

ERS offers a unique part-time program (*PAAS) for FREE in English for people who are on social assistance and want to lead more productive lives.

Discover your strengths, improve social skills, learn new skills, and gain confidence and self-esteem!

*Part-time program is called “Programme d’aide et d’accompagnement social” (PAAS) and is sponsored by the Gouvernement du Québec 

Part-time PAAS programs are 3 days per week and are offered in English to:

  • Anglophones / allophones; men and women of all ages

  • Social Assistance (welfare) recipients

  • Those who are motivated to learn new skills and improve their life circumstances

Part-time self-improvement and job integration programs focus on the following:

  • Computer Training

  • French Conversation Workshops

  • Life Management Coaching

  • Personal Development Workshops

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