Full-Time Employment Preparation Programs (PPE)

Are you unemployed? Would you like help finding a job?  ERS understands the challenges that Anglophones and Allophones face when trying to integrate into today’s job market.

We offer FREE job preparation programs (*PPE) in English to help you:

  • learn or upgrade computer skills

  • improve your French conversation

  • discover a new career path

  • practice today’s job search techniques.

*Full-time program is called “Projet de preparation à l’emploi” (PPE) and is sponsored by the Gouvernement du Québec

The PPE program is 32.5 hours per week (22 weeks in duration) and is open to:

  • Anglophones / allophones; men and women of all ages

  • People who need help in entering the work force

  • Employment Insurance and Social Assistance (welfare) recipients, as well as those with no financial support from government sources

  • And those possessing a necessary level of competency in English to complete the activities and motivation for entering the work force

Full-time employment preparation programs focus on the following:

  • Career Opportunity Exploration

  • Computer Training

  • French Conversation Workshops

  • Job Search Skills & Interview Techniques

  • Personal Development Workshops

  • Resume & Cover Letters

  • Volunteer Work/Stage Experience

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