Why Choose Montreal?

Why Choose Montreal ?

Montreal is a favorite destination for international groups, students, business people, and tourists because it is:

  • nestled in the beautiful St. Lawrence Valley and boasts 4 spectacular seasons, each providing distinct cultural, sporting, and entertainment activities;
  • the 2nd oldest city in North America (Quebec City is the oldest), and has a distinctive blend of modern and centuries-old architecture, providing a European flavor unique to North America;
  • a major business center and offers the best in arts, entertainment, shopping, recreation, etc.;
  • a city which has a downtown core that is a place of residence for many Montrealers which conveys an intimate, safe, yet vibrant atmosphere;
  • a city which promotes and celebrates the richness of its multiculturalism and lives in harmony with a diverse cultural population, a standard trying to be emulated by many cities.

Groups or individuals who choose Montreal as a destination and ERS as a service provider benefit from:

  • valuable international work experience through non-remunerated work placements (internships);
  • optional language training (French or English) from experienced instructors;
  • multi-cultural aspects that are unique to Montreal;
  • diverse ranges of entertainment, recreation, and sporting activities for any season;
  • ERS’s experienced staff who manage and supervise all aspects of the group’s stay.