What We Offer


What We Offer

Employment Preparation Programs    

Since 1986, ERS has partnered with Emploi-Québec and Human Resources Development of Canada, as well as with other charitable organizations to operate over 125 locally funded employment training and personal development programs.

Hosting International Programs   

ERS has also hosted over 50 international employment training groups, managing all aspects of the program including training, housing, and work placements.


ERS offers individualized Personal Development Training Workshops to groups, organizations, or companies who wish to offer clients or staff the opportunity to develop their skills and understanding in any given area.

All programs are creatively designed and tailor-made according to specific needs, strengths, and goals.

ERS programs focus on:

  • preparing those without prior work experience for employment;
  • enhancing the skills of those who are currently unemployed to facilitate their entry or re-entry into the workforce
  • building confidence, self-esteem, and improving participants’ life circumstances