Hosting International Groups


Hosting International Groups

Since 1997, ERS has hosted over 50 groups from various countries and of diverse ages.  The focus of the groups has ranged from work placement experience, computer and /or language training, to personal and cultural development.

As a reputable and experienced service provider, ERS delivers quality :

  • Work placements in any field
  • Personal development and cultural awareness workshops
  • Computer training
  • Language training

Whatever your group’s age or focus, ERS can provide the appropriate and required level of supervision. ERS is very experienced in managing all aspects of a group including:

  • arrival and departure arrangements
  • orientation to Montreal
  • accommodations
  • transportation
  • cultural / recreational outings

Whatever a participant’s field of interest or level of skill, ERS provides work placements (or stages) that are both challenging and rewarding.

Click here for a sample of host companies that have partnered with ERS over the years.