ERS Training and Development Corporation


ERS Training and Development

ERS Training and Development

ERS (Employment Readiness Skills), established in 1986, is a not-for-profit organization with charitable tax status dedicated to meeting the needs of those seeking personal and professional development.  ERS offers employment preparation programs, workshops, and/or services, to enhance employability and assist participants in achieving their full potential.

ERS’s facilities are spacious and modern.  To enhance the learning experience of its participants, ERS has 2 fully equipped computer training rooms (with 20 computers in each) and 3 large training rooms for teaching soft skills.

ERS instructors and trainers are experienced in diverse fields such as human relations, IT, business, education, personal development, and counseling.

ERS uses a holistic approach to its training methodology in that ERS addresses all aspects of a participant’s growth and development, not only skills acquisition. This has proven to be exceptionally successful in improving individuals’ :

  • skills and employability
  • self-confidence
  • sense of empowerment
  • achievement of their full potential